The Club

The Strategic Business Analytics Club, a Business Analytics think tank, brings together directors from various French and international businesses, as well as representatives from ESSEC and Accenture. These decision makers collaborate with researchers to fuel debate and generate intellectual motivation among participants.


The Strategic Business Analytics Chair will organize several seminars throughout the year dealing with  . These will offer opportunities to report on activities, and generate interest from new and different audiences. The activities will be held at the ESSEC campuses in Cergy, La Defense, as well as at Accenture offices. They will provide an opportunity for program participants to interact regularly with students, business, governments and the society as a whole.


Events and activities will be substantiated by a stream of publications stemming from the work of the Strategic Business Analytics Chair’s research teams—professors, PhDs and students, in collaboration with external partners in some cases. While some publications will be strictly academic in nature, others will be accessible to a broader audience and will engage the public in the process. External think tanks and the media will be involved as appropriate.