One of the key objectives of the chair is to train Business Analytics experts

In the context of the Accenture-ESSEC Strategic Business Analytics Chair, we structure our training programs around the following competency framework:

4quadrantsENThis framework contains four core skills:
1. Analytics: the expert in BA has quantitative skills in statistics, machine learning and operational research. She has developed capabilities in modeling, in experimental design and methodologies, and in performance management.
2. IT: the expert in BA is a seasoned practitioner in data management, database design, coding and in Business Intelligence tools.
3. Business: the expert in BA is curious and eager to learn about her industry environment (Telco’s, Banking, retails,…), her functional domains (marketing, risk, supply chain, fraud detection, etc.) and its underlying drivers (understanding of the business as such, business culture, how to make the recommendations actionable, etc.)
4. Communication: the expert in BA needs to possess the ability to express complex ideas in simple terms, to have good interaction with decision makers and to adopt the right format of talk to the right audience.
On top of these four core skills, the expert in Business Analytics needs to develop on two complementary dimensions on the longer run: leadership and project management.

This approach is described in detail in the article accessible here.