Our Alumni

"After taking the ESSEC Accenture Strategic Business Analytics Chair, I joined Google Hardware to lead the business operations team in Europe.
As a team lead, my role is to optimize and automate processes across a variety of business functions using data and analytics"

MARTIN Arnault - Essec 2021 - ASC

Operations Lead, Strategy & Operations,

Devices & Services - GOOGLE

"After taking the ESSEC Accenture Strategic Business Analytics Chair, I joined Doctolib in 2019 in the Global Operations Strategy team, where I leveraged data to improve the organization and processes of our business teams. I recently moved to a Product Manager role, to build features that improve the daily life of healthcare practitioners and patients"

BECQUART Lucie - Essec 2019 - ASC

Product Manager - DOCTOLIB

"Upon completing the ESSEC Accenture Strategic Business Analytics Chair program, I transitioned into the luxury industry as a Business Intelligence analyst. Through this role, I have gained valuable insights across various facets of the industry, including client data analysis, commercial metrics, and now, Supply Chain management

KHANDALKAR Chinmay - Essec 2019 - AST

Analyst Associate - BURBERRY

"After the great experience at ESSEC Accenture Strategic Business Analytics Chair, I joined Schneider Electric in 2019 in the Global Digital Analytics team where I leveraged data and analytics to understand customer journey and improve our digital customer experience. I recently moved to our Global Artificial Intelligence Hub and work as Senior Data Scientist, where I contribute to leverage the power of AI to transform industries and help unlock efficiency and sustainability"

QI RUI - Essec 2019 - AST

Senior Data Scientist - SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC

"Having taken part in the first promotion of the ESSEC Accenture Strategic Business Analytics Chair, I continued my studies at UC Berkeley before launching Kiro, a startup specialized in artificial intelligence for healthcare. As founder and CEO, my role is to set the vision and lead the strategic direction of the company. I am passionate about how AI can contribute to improving healthcare at scale and to help every patient get access to better care"

GUENOUN Alexandre - Essec 2017 - ASC

Président Fondateur CEO - KIRO

"After taking the ESSEC Accenture Strategic Business Analytics Chair, I joined Accenture Strategy & Consulting in 2021 as an Analyst.

As a Data Enthusiast, I participated in different projects where I helped companies unlock value from their data"

NASSAR Nour  - Essec 2021 - ASC

Strategy Analyst - ACCENTURE

"After my graduation from ESSEC and the Accenture Analytics chair in 2019, I decided to join OCTO Technology (part of the Accenture Group) to keep learning new data-related skills. In 3 years of consulting, I have had the opportunity to work on several data-related projects with both strategic/advisory and technical positions. My expertise now ranges from data governance, data management or product ownership to data engineering and analytics. Accenture and OCTO have been and continue to be the best place for me to grow - where my curiosity for new topics is always satisfied!"

POZET Grégoire - Essec 2020 - ASC

Consultant - Applied Intelligence & Datascience Advisory - OCTO

After taking the ESSEC Accenture Strategic Business Analytics Chair, I joined Foxintelligence in 2019. I now co-manage the Strategy & Operations team. My management and data background from ESSEC Business School helps me oversee the product development for clients in new industries. Additionally, I coordinate the Data for Good association, and teach data analytics courses in particular at the Accenture Chaire and at the DSBA programme with Centrale Supelec.  

RITCHIE Lucile - Essec 2019 - ASC

Strategy & Operations Manager - FOXINTELLIGENCE