Integration Day 2020-2021

During the integration Day, cases are presented to students by business and data coaches from Accenture.

At the end of the weekend students need to have chosen which 6 cases, they would like to work on, with a grading system from :

 1- is the best to 6- I still find it interesting

They also need to choose with whom they wish to work with during their time in the chair.

This integration Day is very important for students because this is when they meet their fellow students and their coaches.

Immersion Week 2021

The Immersion week takes place around Febuary.

This year, students had a dual Immersion week. Some of them were at Essec and another at home.

During this week's, students have a lot of different seminar's from Accenture, Octo, Dataiku and special guess. 

They also have time to work in groups, they have reviews from their coaches and other professionals.

At the end of the week, they have to present their first cases study draft.

Two surprises tasting experience for the roomers (sorry for the zoomers...)

Essec Business Data Science class for the Accenture Strategic Business Analytics Chair students with

 Tiramisu, cakes, chocolates and grape juice from different wine regions.

The Grand Jury Event

Our students work hard during 6 months on cases, provided by our partners. During the Grand Jury they present their results and the best year cases is voted by the chair's partners. 

The 2020-2021 winner of the Grand Jury are Eurofins and Zack cases.