Innovations in digitization and automation are creating performance and productivity opportunities for business and the economy.

Each day, a staggering number of data is generated to provide insights. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning enables to analyze a large variety and volume of complex data to deliver faster and accurate results to decision makers.

Today, the priority is to leverage data for data driven and augmented decision making and to bridge the gap between business units within an organization. To achieve this, companies are looking for talent to create value from data and analytics.  

Accenture and ESSEC with the Strategic Business Analytics Chair (SBA) are committed to train the next generation of data leaders. Our dynamic teaching methods, designed for the Chair, ensure a rigorous, immersive and impactful learning experience. We shape future executives to attain the right mind-set, with interpersonal and analytical skills to create business value. Finally, it’s also our priority to cultivate creativity and to build capacity to change.

Prof. Jeroen Rombouts, Chairholder.mp4

ThThe Chairholder tells us a bit more about the Accenture Strategic Business Analytics Chair.

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Fabrice Marque

Founder and Executive Director of the chair 

Discover the chair with Monsieur Fabrice Marque, its executive director. 

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